Perchance - An Augmented Reality Adventure
Perchance - An Augmented Reality Adventure

We put learning in the hands of students.

Don't just read literature:
Be immersed in it

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Cutting Edge Technology

Perchance combines 3D gaming, augmented reality, and reading to fully engage students for better learning. Complex texts become more easily understood. Interest and interactivity increase.

Students learn at their own pace. 


No more confusion.

With traditional texts, many students are left behind because of the dense contexts and historical backgrounds. 

Perchance allows students to absorb these complex ideas as they navigate the game in real-time..

The result is increased interaction and memory retention.


Augmented Reality and Memory

AR has a memory retention rate that's more than double that of reading alone. It stimulates the hippocampal region of the brain like real memories.

Students will retain what they learn in-game and bring that to their assignments and class discussion.




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Perchance - An Augmented Reality Adventure

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